About Us

Who we Are

Doit4u.co.za was pioneered in 2016 by the Jonker family of Port Elizabeth who lives in the city for more than 30 years. The Company (Strategos Business Services Pty Ltd ) operates from its head office in Port Elizabeth and is active in Port Elizabeth, Cape Town, Pretoria and Bloemfontein. Jacques Jonker is the Operational and Marketing Manager of the business.

Doit4u.co.za is South Africa's marketplace for household tasks and business services. It is an internet marketplace that brings clients that want errands and tasks to be done to taskers that are residing in their area and have the skills and time to do these tasks for them.  This is done by providing a transparent quoting or bidding system online, allowing taskers to compete for work and thereby achieving the best price possible for the client. The sophisticated site and system is also allowing taskers to be more effective and efficient in finding tasks and making money.


What we believe

We believe :

  • That our interactions with people that we deal with must be at all times legal,moral and ethical and we expect the same from our clients and taskers
  • That we must give our clients and taskers the best service possible in spite of the fact that internet marketplaces are sometimes swarmed by scammers and poor performers
  • That is is our responsibility to make sure that our clients at all times deal with reliable and trustworthy people. All our taskers are approved through a proper process of application with references and are verified through the system if they supplied us with proof of identification and address. Taskers are further re-evaluated once per year and must maintain a certain level of performance , based on their feedback to remain on the listing
  • That we develop a standardised and customer friendly platform that makes it extremely easy for anybody to use
  • That obtaining the lowest price is not our priority but that we strive at all times to ensure the fairest deal for our clients as well as our taskers. We strongly believe in " People helping People "