Dispute Resolution Policy

This  Dispute Resolution Policy incorporated all terms, conditions, rules, policies and guidelines on the site. Terms not defined in this Agreement are defined in the User, Tasker and Client Agreements.

1. Disputes between Clients and Taskers

For Disputes between The Client and the Tasker the following policy will be applicable:

1.1 Both parties must first attempt to resolve their differences by using the messaging function on their dashboard
1.2 If the efforts described in point 1.1 is unsuccessful the next step will be to document the disagreement and the expected outcome using the “Dispute Notice Form” on the dashboard.
1.3 After filing a Dispute Notice Form there is a five business day member resolution period for parties to reach an agreement. If an agreement cannot be reached within 5 business days the party lodging the dispute will refer it to Doit4u by e-mailing the notice to support@doit4u.co.za. If both parties are still in disagreement Doit4u can contact both parties by e–mail with a suggested resolution.
1.4 If the suggested resolution is not accepted by the parties within three business days either party has the right to move to arbitration.
1.5 Arbitration will be referred to an independent third party who will deliver a final outcome on the dispute. The cost of the arbitration will be equally shared by the two parties and is payable in advance.

2. Disputes with Doit4u.co.za

If a dispute arises between you and Doit4u, our goal is to resolve it in the best and cost- effective way according to the following policy:

2.1 Law and Forum for disputes:

Any dispute relating to a “Client or Tasker Contract “will be governed by and constituted in accordance of the Laws of South Africa. You also hereby agree that any claim must be resolved as described in the subsections below titled “ Informal Dispute Resolution “ and “ Mandatory Binding Arbitration”.

2.2 Informal Dispute Resolution

Before serving a demand for Arbitration of a Claim, or otherwise seeking injunctive or other equitable relief in a court of law as expressly permitted in this Agreement you agree to first notify Doit4u of the claim by e-mail (support@doit4u.co.za) AND by registered post (PO Box 16590 Emerald Hill Port Elizabeth 6011) to seek informal resolution of the claim. Your notification must include details of the claim as well as your contact details so that we can evaluate the claim and attempt to informally resolve it. Doit4u will have 30 days from the date of receipt of the notice by registered post to informally resolve the claim, which if successful will avoid further action.

2.3 Arbitration

In the unlikely event that Doit4u is unable to resolve a Claim within the 30 days of our receipt of your notice, you, Doit4 u and our Affiliates agree to resolve the claim by referring it to an Independent Arbitrator whose finding will be final and binding. The cost of the arbitration process will be equally shared by the two parties and is payable in advance.