Safe Operations Guide is the easiest, quickest and safest way to find taskers to do things for you online - unfortunately, fraud does exist in all industries. Regardless, there are some simple steps you can follow to ensure you have a safe online experience.

1.     Choose Carefully

While a Tasker Profile provides useful information such as feedback ratings, comments and tasker verification, you should always ask your tasker about their professional experience and credentials using the messaging function on your task posting page. 

2.     Get it in Writing

After the quote is accepted, if there are things that must be clarified, you and your tasker should put this in writing on the messaging facility. This is a very important step that protects both parties in case there is a disagreement.


4.     Use only On -line Payments

Use only on-line payments ( Creditcard or Instant EFT ) directly into the bank account of and not into the tasker account. All payments must only go through the website. You can also make a direct deposit at your bank.


6.     Use Common Sense

If something doesn't feel right, it probably isn't. Ask questions, get it in writing, do your research and always pay safely.

About is a neutral facilitator and the tasker acknowledges and agrees that is not directly involved in the transactions and arrangements between clients and taskers. This means that is simply a marketplace and platform that serves as a venue where two parties agree on a price for a task or service.

Any and all arrangements are made between the client and the tasker he/she selects. does make efforts to prequalify or validate the claims of taskers through Tasker Verification and general phone contact but you should conduct your own independent research after accepting a quote.  Remember there is no obligation to proceed with a task after booking it if you do not feel comfortable with your Tasker.

Do not mistake a dispute for fraud. If you have a dispute with your tasker follow the "Dispute Resolution Policy Route " available on the site to try and resolve the dispute. You can also , if this is not successful ,request for the task to be cancelled and refunded. 

For a more detailed description of how works, and its policies, please review the Terms and Conditions here that you agreed to when you joined.