Task Cancellation and Refund Policy

This Task Cancellation and Refund Policy incorporated all terms, conditions, rules, policies and guidelines on the site. Terms not defined in this Agreement are defined in the User and Tasker Agreements.

1. When a Client buys S-Credits to be used for the payment of tasks these S-credits will be credited to the Client’s account on the Dashboard. If the task , the Client requested, is satisfactory completed by the designated Tasker the Clients’s account will be debited with the outstanding amount for the task and the Tasker will be paid in terms of the Tasker Agreement with Doit4u . If the Client concludes that the task cannot be completed for any valid reason and want the task to be cancelled the matter will be handled in accordance with the following clauses :

2. To cancel a task or request the Client must first clearly informs the Tasker of his/her intention to cancel the task as well as the reasons for it. The next step will be to submit the “Task Cancellation and Refund Request Form “on the Dashboard. The reason/s for the cancellation must also be clearly spelled out.

3. The Tasker have three business days (the ‘Approval Period“ ) to either approved the request or to submit a “Dispute Notice Form” available on the site. If the Tasker fails to approve the cancellation or submit the “Dispute Notice Form “ during the three day approval period , the Task will be cancelled and finalised based on the discretion of Doit4u.

4. If the Tasker approves the request and there is no dispute between the Client and the Tasker, then Doit4u.co.za will refund the Task Payment ,or part of it as agreed, back into the Client’s account or on request in cash back to an account nominated by the Client.

5. The refunded Task Payment will remain in the client’s Doit4u Client Account until further instructions are received from the Client. The Client must clearly indicate on the form if he/she wants a cash refund or wants to convert the payment back to S- credits for future use... The Client will be able to re- use these credits for payment for a new task that is posted. If the Client requested that the money be refunded in cash into a nominated account a 10 percent administration fee will be applicable.

6. If the Tasker submits a Dispute Notice Form during the Approval Period then the Dispute Resolution Policy will be applied before any money can be refunded.